New Patients: Welcome!

Once you have selected Houston Rheumatology and Allergy Clinic to manage your condition, you will have the support of our friendly staff. Our top priority is to educate and care for our patients in a warm, welcoming environment. In order to make your first visit as informative as possible please follow the directions below.

Please arrive in the office 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time and bring the following items with you:

> Insurance card
> Valid driver's license or another valid form of ID

Please Review our Notice of Privacy Practices prior to completing the New Patient Packet.

If you would like our physicians to review any old records or imaging or lab studies, please gather this information prior to your appointment. You can use our Release of Information request form to request these records and either bring them with you to the appointment or have them sent to us.


> Get Google Map directions to our office and the closest parking areas. (It can sometimes take up to 30mins to find parking in the Texas Medical Center.)
> Please plan to spend approximately an hour at your initial visit.
> Please bring all your current medications with you and also the address and phone number of the pharmacy you prefer to use.
> Please let us know if your insurance plan prefers that you have your blood drawn at a particular location at the time of your visit so we can order any necessary tests appropriately.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 281-888-9870 if you have any questions prior to your appointment.

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Returning Patients

If you are a returning patient to our clinic please consider the following items that will allow you to have a more efficient and meaningful visit:

> Please present your insurance card to the front desk at each visit as well as your copay and any outstanding payments on your account

> Inform the front desk regarding any changes to your address and contact information

> Inform the nurse and the physician if there have been any changes to your medical or surgical history since you were last seen

> Bring a complete list of your medications, or your medications themselves to each visit so we can update our records

> Be sure to request all your prescription refills at the time of your visit. Also indicate whether you require 30 or 90 day supplies and whether your insurance company requires you to use a mail order or specialty pharmacy for any of your prescriptions

> After the visit if you require any results to be faxed to your primary care or other physicians, please provide us with the name, phone and fax number of the physician

> Likewise, if you have had any bloodwork or other tests done elsewhere that may be relevant to your visit at HRAC, please request that they be faxed to our office prior to your visit or bring a copy with you. This will avoid any unnecessary testing on our part.

We look forward to our visit with each and every one of our patients and we plan our schedule so as to maintain minimum wait times in the office. Your appointments are scheduled at intervals felt to be necessary for adequate monitoring of your health and the various medications we prescribe. We understand that at times, cancelling an appointment is unavoidable. However, we do request that all patients provide at least a 24 hour notice for cancelled appointments and advise that a fee may be assessed for late cancellations or no-shows as stated in our financial policy.

We look forward to seeing you again!

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Appointments, Cancellations and Rescheduling

Please read the following to be aware of our office policies and fees regarding payments, forms and appointments.